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You don’t have to go it alone.

For congregations and pastors, ministry can be tricky business. One valuable support in both good times and difficult ones is your Association Committee on Ministry.

We make ourselves available to meet with leaders of churches which might be struggling with their pastoral leadership, or facing other challenges that they do not feel they can handle alone. We also meet with clergy who are experiencing difficulty in their ministry. These meetings are called Situational Support Consultations.

The Committee on Ministry supports the health and vitality of the churches in the Association. We work to promote healthy congregations and clergy, and to support and facilitate discussion when problems arise. We are also the authorizing body for clergy who wish to hold ministerial standing in the York Association.

Here’s what the York Association bylaws say about our role: We are “responsible for the care and standing of congregations and authorized ministers. The committee shall be guided by the most recent Manual on Ministry of the United Church of Christ” (available at

Contact the Committee on Ministry

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2022 Association Partner Liaisons

Please contact the Committee on Ministry to see who the current Liaisons is for your congregation. Use the contact form above or email (The new list will be available after the first CoM meeting.)

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